King's Forge


King's Forge (formerly known as "Forge") is a tabletop game designed by Nick Sibicky to be released summer 2013 by Clever Mojo Games/Game Salute.

Players compete through careful material gathering and dice rolling to see who is the best blacksmith. It is both easy to play but also deeply strategic, as players must constantly weigh the benefits of future investment versus present gain. Jonathan Kirtz is the featured artist; whose past work includes Warhammer 40k and Darksiders II.

A few game reviewers had access to the beta-prototype and had the following things to say about it:

"[King's] Forge has a lot of strategy and is a lot of fun!" - Larry Fittinger from InD20

"I love it. I love it so much, in fact, that this game is the one that made me start doing reviews." - Carmen Norris from InD20

A brief introduction video for the beta-prototype. NOTE: none of the components featured in this video are finalized artwork.

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