Scores and Parts

If you are a musician, and are interested in performing one of Nick's original concert works please contact him through the contact page.

Life and Afterlife
for Sax Quartet and CD - 13'45"

A virtuosic tour de force! The first entire half of the piece (Life) is challenging yet generally conventional in terms of technique. The second half (Afterlife) syncs up to a pre-recorded CD track. The quartet gradually brings the audience along to a full climax by playing one-handed sax while using their free hand to play a number of other percussion instruments. 11"x14" score, 9"x12" parts.

mp3 - video - score - notes

Four Figment Fragments
for Two Oboes - 6'00"

This work is a challenging but extremely fun duet for two oboes. Each fragment can be performed as an individual self-contained piece on a program. Both oboe part #1 and oboe part #2 are of approximately equal difficulty.
9"x12" score, laminated cover.

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for Piano, Disklaiver, CD - 10'

Audiences are amazed at the player piano, and Pianazzolla will make them just as amazed at the live pianist's performance. The live pianist floats wandering melodies and riffs which are modified in strange and unusual ways by the sync'd CD part. The piece gradually builds in ferocity and intensity until it erupts in an Astor Piazzolla-inspired tango from piano hell. 9"x12" score. Includes an data CD with MIDI and audio tracks. Yamaha Disklavier or digital player piano is required.

video - complete score - notes

Orion's Nebula
for Fl, Cl, Pno, Perc, Vln, Vla, Vlc, DB, and Laptop - 11'45"

Beautiful and nightmarish, this music evokes the sublime mystery of the far reaches of the universe. The live laptop part onstage processes the flute, clarinet, and piano parts in real-time, adding a "space dust" inharmonic spectral timbre to the melodies that those instruments play.
11"x14" score, 9"x12" parts. Includes a CD live sound processing software.

complete score - mp3 - notes


Sonata for Clarinet and Percussion

The Sonata is dedicated to the memory of composer Lou Harrison and revels in the sheer joyous musical spirit that he brought to music. Other than evoking Harrison's emblematic folk-music patterns, this piece also provides an immensely fun performance experience for two unlikely performers.

Timpani, Marimba, Triangle, Snare Drum, and Kick Drum. 9"x12" score.

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