Software/Processor Designs




Nick develops Reaktor plugins (VST, AU, AAX) for the studio environment. These tools represent unique approaches to audio processing design. If you already have the Reaktor library installed, download below and give them a try! If you don't have Reaktor, click here for a direct link to download Reaktor Player (Mac / PC). As these are all beta version, critical feedback is welcome!

Download NickFX v0.20  (6 plugins in a zip file)

Includes: Wah-Ooo, MtSD, DJ Scrub, Emphasizer, Ultimate Sine Shaper, and Super Rainbow Rubber Bouncer





Nick has also incorporated various custom software tools for live performance. He has worked extensively with Supercollider as well as with graphical modular programming environments such as MAX/MSP, PD, and NI Reaktor.

Borderlands was premiered in March 2011 in Lynnwood, WA before a sold-out audience. This 35-minute piece features four musicians (vln, vlc, cl, pno) who also double on percussion instruments while being live processed by the Supercollider Borderlands Patch. Additional audio samples are triggered by a laptop performer who accompanies the ensemble. A score, a copy of the Supercollider code, software screenshots, and an essay documenting the Borderlands process and philosophy are all located below.

Borderlands Supercollider Code
Borderlands Performance Score

Borderlands Software Screenshot 1
Borderlands Software Screenshot 2

Live performance of Borderlands:

Studio Production of Borderlands: